Episode – Ice Lolly

Garth and Bev discover a tasty invention!

It’s the Ballybeg Winter Festival! So Grandfather Lir asks Garth and Bev to find a way of displaying his grand collection of autumn leaves.

Garth and Bev find themselves in all kinds of trouble! Slipping and sliding in the snow! Luckily they accidentally discover that they can freeze the leaves in ice and hang the pretty leaves like a painting! Grandfather Lir is so happy Garth and Bev learnt something new that he decides its time for a little treat.

The time spiral! Yay!

Garth and Bev go to meet Frank Epperson, who invented a very tasty summer treat. Do you know what Frank Epperson invented?

Clue: it’s cold, sweet and very yummy!

Answer: the ice lolly!

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