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Make your own ‘Niall the Sheep’

niall the sheep colouring in - gluestick and cottonwool

Make a brilliant picture of Niall the Sheep that not only looks like him but feels like him too! After you’ve finished your picture why not email it into us and we’ll put it up on the website! You can email:
Print out the picture of Niall the Sheep
Have fun!

You will need:

  • a printer to print out ‘Niall the Sheep’ outline
  • a glue stick
  • cotton wool
  • colour pencils

How to Do it

Get your Mum or Dad or older brother or sister to print out the Niall the Sheep from Garth & Bev Colouring here:

niall the sheep colouring in - gluestick and cottonwool
Next use your colouring in pencils to colour in Niall’s face and the surrounding grass and trees. When you are happy with your drawing you’re ready to move onto the next step.

It’s time to get out the glue stick! We want to add the cotton wool onto Niall’s body. We’re using cotton wool because it feels soft and fluffy – just like wool on a real sheep. Using the glue stick rub the glue into the area where Niall’s woollen coat would be. Then take out your cotton wool and stick it onto the glue.

In a few minutes it will be dry and you’ll have a great drawing of Niall the Sheep with with cotton wool coat!

Why Do Some Seeds Stick to you?


Have you ever been out walking out in the forest or in a park and find that your socks and shoelaces and even your t-shirt have little seeds stuck to them. It can be kind of annoying to have to spend ages picking them off! But why do they stick to you? Why are the seeds made this way?

Burdock bush with sticky seed pods (they stick to your socks!)Plants grow from seeds don’t they? Almost all plants, including trees use flowers to make seeds. The seeds need to get from the seed pod into the soil so that they can grow. Some seeds just fall from the plant or tree onto the ground and they can begin to grow there. Other seeds, like the ones you find in strawberries and blackberries are eaten up by passing animals and then get pooed out in a different place! And some seeds are covered in tiny barbs so that they can grab onto your clothes or shoes as you brush past the plant. These kind of seeds can also stick onto a passing animal’s fur. Eventually the seeds fall off or are picked off and hopefully fall down into some soil. Then if all goes well this little travelling seed will begin to grow into a plant or a tree and the cycle starts over again!

So next time you are picking off seeds from your shoes you might throw them into your garden and give them a chance to grow into plants!

For older kids you might want to check out this great idea – planting your old socks!!