About the Garth & Bev TV show

Nature has all the Answers!

There’ll be fun and laughs and squabbles and mess… but at the heart of Garth & Bev lies the idea that nature, in all its brilliance, is the primary source of invention, creativity and problem solving. Whatever amazing inventions we humans can come with, most often we will find that nature got their first!

Our central characters are Garth (7) and his sister Bev (5), and just like our audience, they are active, curious, adventure seeking and always ready to learn something new! The only difference is that they live in a village long, long ago. Instead of TV’s, PSPs and bikes for amusement, Garth and Bev have pebbles, log boats and village races. And above all, they have nature!

Garth and Bev live in harmony with nature and pay it the utmost respect. The rhythm of their life is dictated by the seasons. Nature is powerful but it is also their friend and teacher. They learn about nature as they live and play in it. Garth and Bev solve problems by exploring and experimenting with the world around them… and then they find that their discoveries are often a little bit like the discoveries other people are making elsewhere – people who are trying to invent things
“…in another time and place…!”

As well as being inquisitive, imaginative kids, Garth and Bevin are also time travellers! Their Grandfather Lir is a mystical druid who conjures up a magical swirling time spiral, transporting an excited Garth and Bev through time and space.

Just at their Eureka moment, surprised inventors and creators throughout history are visited by two young kids with lots of questions! And these inventors and creators have solved a problem very similar to Garth and Bev’s! As often as not, Nature provides the link for solving the puzzle.

As Grandfather Lir likes to remind them – ‘Nature has all the answers!’

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