Garth & Bev

Hi my name is Garth. That’s my sister Bev. She’s my little sister and can be really annoying. But only sometimes! See that woolly sheep down there, that’s Niall. He’s very silly and always getting into trouble.

Garth (from the Garth and Bev tv show)


I’m eight. Mum’s says I’ve lots of energy. Dad says I’m curious about EVERYTHING. But there’s just so much to discover. Wouldn’t you want to know how to light up a cave when it’s raining outside? I love drawing pictures on the walls in Grandfather Lir’s cave. It’s so cool. And then there’s time travelling. That’s mine and Bev’s favourite thing to do. Of course, not when Toss the Boulder competition is on. That’s only the best game in the Ballybeg Annual Games!

Time travelling is so much fun. We meet lots of people who have just invented something really amazing. Like an aeroplane or a hot air balloon.  They share their secrets with us and show us how their invention works.


Bev (from the Garth and Bev TV show) Bev, she’s six. She’s pretty clever too, though not as clever as me.  She loves time travelling, but I have to look after her because I’m her older brother. We fight sometimes, but that’s only when she’s being silly.

Bev loves animals. She is always looking after Niall. Making him be good and taking him home. Watch out for the other animals she plays with.

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