Chinese Lanterns!

Have you ever seen a chinese lantern?

Chinese lanterns are made of paper and are used to decorate a home during Chinese New Year.

What’s Chinese New Year?

Chinese new year celebrates the end of the lunar cycle. The lunar cycle is the oldest calender in the world but it’s not too reliable because the day for Chinese New Year changes every year!

Why do people light lanterns?

People light lanterns on Chinese New Year as a way to celebrate family members coming home for the lunar festival. It is believed that lighting the lanterns will help people know how to get home, because if it was dark they could get lost!

The lanterns are lit when the first full moon occurs, this makes sure everyone knows the new year has begun!

Did you know?

That the Chinese lanterns are a symbol of harmony and unity, a value the Chinese hope will stay in the hearts of everyone for the whole year ahead!

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