How does a Jet engine work?

Have you been in an aeroplane?

Did you know that if  the jet engine wasn’t invented we’d be keeping our feet on the ground?

Jet engines move the aeroplane forward with a force that is produced by a tremendous thrust!

What is a Thrust?

Thrust is the force that pushes the aeroplane engine forward.

Sir Isaac Newton discovered that for “every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Check out the air flow!

An engine does this by taking in a large amount of air, the air is then heated, compressed and slowed down.

The air is then forced through spinning blades and mixes with jet fuel, making the temperature of the air as hot as three thousand degrees!

This hot air powers the turbine (a part of the engine). Finally, when the air leaves, it pushes backwards out of the engine, making the plane fly!

Did you know?

That the cry of a blue whale is louder then the sound of a jet engine? It can be heard hundreds of kilometers away! Looks like nature got there first!

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