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At the heart of the Garth & Bev series lies the idea that Nature is the primary source for invention, creativity and problem-solving. Whatever brilliant inventions the human race can come up with, most often we will find that nature got there first!

Our central character is a boy called Garth.  He is a boy to whom our audience can completely relate – active, curious, adventure-seeking.  The only difference between him and any seven year old you may know is that he and his sister Bevin live in a village, long, long ago. So instead of TVs, computers and bikes for amusement, they have metal tools, basket weaving and log boats.  But, above all, they have NATURE.  They live in harmony with nature and pay it the utmost respect.  The rhythm of their life is dictated by the seasons.  Nature is powerful, but it’s also their friend and their teacher.    Garth and Bevin learn about nature as they live and play in it. They solve problems by exploring and experimenting with the world around them.  And Garth and Bev find that their natural world discoveries are often a little bit like the discoveries that other people are making elsewhere – people that are trying to invent things…

“….in another time and place……!”

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    Great article thanks. Do you mind if I use some of this text on my website? I will link back.