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Can you see the light?


Light helps us to see in the dark and sun light helps plants and animals to grow up big and strong too!

Here’s a fun activity you can do to learn about how light and objects have three different relationships.

What you’ll need:

- A torch

- lots of different objects from around the house: your teddy bear, books, toys, anything!

What to do:

Shine the torch through the objects to see if the light shines through it.

If the light shines through you have a transparent (pronounced trans – parent) object, but if the light doesn’t shine through the object is called opaque (pronounced o – pake ) Sometimes you’ll find an object that will let a little bit of light through and thats know as a translucent ( trans – loo – cent ).

These 3 levels are known as different kinds of transparency (trans – parin – see)

Shine the light through your hand, what kind of transparency does your hand have?

Have fun!