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Make your own parachute!


Making your own parachute man is easy and so much fun!

What you’ll need:

-  Light material that you can cut, like a handkerchief or scrap material

- Scissors

- 8 equal lengths of string

- A small object to act as a weight, like a little action man figure

How to make it:

1) Cut out a large square from your material

2) Trim the edges so it looks like an octagon which is an 8 sided shape (make sure your parents are helping you)

3) Cut small holes near the edge of each side

Bombs away!

4) Take your 8 pieces of string and attach them to each of the holes

5) Attach the other side of the string to your action man

6) Stand on a chair and drop the parachute man to see how he falls

Did it work?

Your parachute man should of fallen slowly to the ground because of the resistance caused by the air against the parachute. The bigger the parachute the slower your parachute man will fall.

If he’s not falling in a straight line cut a whole in the middle of the parachute which will allow air through the hole to help him float down straight!

Jet Engine Balloon


You’re a bit too young to fly a real jet engine, but here’s a fun activity you can do that will teach you about pressure!

What you’ll need:

- Scotch tape

- A drinking straw

- a long balloon

- 3 metres of nylon string

- trees, poles or chairs to tie the string to

How to do it:

1) Take one end of the string and tie it to a tree or a post

2) Slide the straw onto the string

3) Tie the other end of the string onto another post or tree, making sure the string is tight

4) Blow up the balloon and hold the opening so the air won’t escape

5) Face the opening of the balloon towards the post you tied the other end of string to, rest the balloon on the string and tape the balloon to the string

Go Jet Balloon!

6) Release the balloon!

Why did that happen?

When you let go of the balloon all of the air inside rushes out! Which causes the balloon to speed across the string!

Magic ice cubes


Can you get an ice cube out of water without getting your hands wet?


- Salt

- Drinking glass

- Water

- Length of string

- Ice cubes

The experiment steps:

1) Fill the glass with water

2) Place an ice cube in the glass

3) Dangle the end of the string on the ice cube

4) Keeping the string still sprinkle some salt on the ice cube and wait a few minutes

5) Now lift the string and watch as the ice cube comes with it!

You’ve gotten the ice cube out without getting wet!

Why did it happen?

So why did the ice cube magically stick to the string? Well its not magic at all, salt freezes to ice helping to make objects stick to it.

That’s why in winter it’s always a good idea to sprinkle salt on icey steps because it will stop you from slipping when you walk.