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Is the pencil magic?


Light can play tricks on your eyes! Here’s a fast and fun activity that you can do to trick your friends!

bent or straight?

What you’ll need:

- a pencil

- water

- a clear glass jar (like an empty pasta jar)

How to do it:

1) Fill half your glass jar with water

2) Place the pencil in the water

3) Look at the pencil from the top

4) Look at the pencil from the side

When you look at it from the top it looks straight but when you look at it from the side its bent!

Why does it do this?

Its the light playing tricks on your eyes! You see light travels through water slower than it travels through air. When the light hits the water it slows down making the pencil look bent, but when the light travels through air it speeds up making the pencil look straight!

How to make a paper aeroplane!


Making a paper aeroplane is very simple and lots of fun!

After you’ve made your plane perhaps you and your friends could have a competition to see who’s plane can fly the farthest!

You could also colour in and decorate your plane, with stickers, crayons, or markers!

Have you got your flying goggles on?

What you’ll need:

Markers, pencils, stickers to decorate

How to do it:

Follow the simple step by step diagram and you’ll be flying in no time!