Feeding Ducks

Do you have a pond near your home where you can watch ducks swimming? Maybe this weekend Mum or Dad could take you there to feed the ducks. Bring some ducky snacks with you and if you’re lucky the brave ducks will waddle right up to you!

Don’t the ducks look cute when they swim? Do you see how their feathers look dry, even though they are in water?

You might be able to see some of the ducks diving into the water to look for food. When they come back to the surface all the water springs off them in a second and they look completely dry! Isn’t that amazing!

Baby Duck - DucklingHave fun feeding the ducks and don’t forget to look at our Science and Nature post to find out how the ducks stay dry and warm.

Did you Know?

 Bread isn’t good for ducks, it can make them sick!

 Instead of feeding them bread here are some foods ducks love to eat:

  • Grapes cut in half (Yum! You might like to eat one half and feed the other half to the ducks!)
  • Cracked corn, barley, oats, birdseed or other grains
  • Frozen peas that have been defrosted
  • Duck feed pellets your parents can get from farm supply stores
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